Relax Design Sofa Marbella


Relax Design Sofa Marbella.

Decorate your space with this high-end, mid-century modern armchair and ottoman combination.
Each armchair and ottoman is painstakingly crafted, with attention to the smallest detail.
Only the highest quality materials are used, such as premium genuine Italian leather, plywood frame and die-cast aluminum base.

Choose from a variety of color finishes to best match your decor.
The 15° recline angle lounge chair with ottoman, load-bearing around 330lbs, the unique design that is fully based on human engineering to relax and whole body.

High-quality natural leather wood, high-density laminated wood and thicker sponge for the lounge chair and ottoman provide you with optimal comfort.

Instructions for perfect care:
Keep away from heat sources. If you are too close to the heat source, it will cause the leather to crack.
Do not expose to the sun for a long time, to avoid discoloration of the leather.
Regular cleaning and maintenance, use a semi-dry damp cloth to help remove dust, keep it dry and clean.
If it is dirty, please use a small amount of foam cleaning agent to clean, keep the leather surface dry.
Avoid key ring, iron buttons on clothes, etc. Contact the chair and ottoman to avoid scratches.
Avoid letting liquid soak into the chair and ottoman.

Chair: 84*92*80 cm (33.1*36.2*31.5 inches)
Ottoman: 54*53.5*45 cm (21.3*21.1*17.7 inches)

Package content:
1 chair
1 ottoman

After sales service:
Order a chair and you will receive two large boxes. We will send you an installation manual and care instructions for the leather chair after delivery.



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