Set of Coffee Tables Formigal


This set of coffee tables, made of solid wood, captivates with its original and sophisticated curves, which follow the trend of organic design with rounded shapes. It responds to this need to find soft forms for everyday life, paying homage to the tenderness of nature, its authenticity and, in particular, irregularly flowing contours.

It is an "intuitive" design that imitates the movements of our natural environment to integrate them into the interior of the house, that is, to move away from the rigors to display an atmosphere with serene and warm accents for this living space intended for relaxation.

The natural and enveloping silhouette of the tables makes them the perfect allies for a quiet corner in the living room. Its subtly minimalist design philosophy allows it to fit easily into a very contemporary environment, as well as into the tranquility of a "slow life" environment, in which natural fibers are the protagonists.

Material: Pine Wood
Wood Style: Solid Wood

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