Teide Auxiliary Design Table


Few can claim to be an undisputed icon of Scandinavian design. The Danish Jens Risom passed away just three years ago at the age of 100, but although he is not present among us, it is indisputable that his work will live forever among future generations. Proof of this is this iconic side table that he created in 1949. A safe bet: light oak and black oak.

No matter how many years pass, this coffee table will never lose its validity thanks to its immortal diagonal lines and its sensual curves, a prodigy of elegance and simplicity both in the mid-20th century and today. It should come as no surprise that Risom has always been synonymous with practicality and functionality, since his designs were above any hint of modernity. It is a perfect solution for all those people who, for example, want to have a coffee and enjoy a good read at the same time.

Material: Solid wood


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