The Frris Wheel of Time 1948


High quality reproduction of the original design in 1948, one of the most beloved design creations. The three-dimensional design is derived from the perfect combination of metal rods and solid wood balls, it is a beautiful modern pop art.

Material: 12 hand-painted wooden balls as timing indicators. 12 metal spokes make the wall clock more simple and elegant. Aluminum center, metal hands and quality quartz movement ensure accurate timekeeping and non-ticking setting. This clock is silent and will not disturb your life, learning and work.

In a wide variety of materials and sculptural shapes, George Nelson's watches represent the mood of early 1950s society. Decoration Clock Home House Decoration Living Room Decoration Luxury Fashion Wall Clocks Simple Temperament Creative.

Power type: Dry cell battery
Motivity Type: Quartz
Material: Metal, Wood
Diameter: 50cm


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