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Japanese Santoku Knives Set (7 Pc + Stand)

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Japanese Santoku Knives Set (7 Pc + Stand)

Santoku knives are the knives of the great Japanese chefs, they are ideal for cutting, chopping, filleting... they are a little smaller than western chef knives and the curvature of the blade is different.

They have a beautiful design, they also last a long time sharp, of course you have to give them a minimum of care, such as sharpening them from time to time, washing them with a sponge (never with scouring pads) and drying them well before storing them in their holder where we don't hit them.

Knife holder: Powerful and compact. Save valuable counter space when preparing food and leave extra room for cookware and other cutlery. Parallel slots separate the blades so the tools don't touch each other. There is no risk of damaging the blades in the holder.

Sharpener: When your kitchen knife is not sharp, you can sharpen the knife with a sharpening knife. Easy to use and easy to operate. You can sharpen a Sanoku knife instantly.

Knives Material: 7CR17MOV stainless steel

Knife Sharpener Material: Composite Stainless Steel

Stand Material: Stainless Steel + ABS + PP

Stand Size: 23cm*10cm*10cm

Stand Weight: 421g


Knife set includes

8 Piece Set A includes:

1 x knife holder

1 x 9 inch bread knife

1 x 8-inch Chef's Knife

1 x 7 inch Santoku knife

1 x 6 inch boning knife

1 x 5 inch Santoku knife

1 x 3.5 inch paring knife

1 x Knife sharpener

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