Eclipse Cosmetic Case


All a contemporary design success is what it is demonstrating in its sales to a sector of women who love contemporary minimalism while being generously practical and spacious when it comes to storing all cosmetics in an organized way.

The entire briefcase is made of high quality PP material and smooth texture for easy sanitation.

Inspired by the contemporary minimalist, it is a perfect and very special gift, a multifunction product with a very personal aesthetic and colors that transmit luminosity.
The dome that surrounds the products inside is totally watertight, which makes it totally versatile for use in any place and condition of the home.

The clever asymmetric drawer system makes it easy to select places to dispense your products by size.

The double opening tinted oval cover is created to avoid dust and water while respecting that the interior is slightly visible.

There is no doubt that it satisfies all the needs that are required by providing a modern style and femininity to your most intimate space.

Material: PP

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