Elephants Feng-Shui (Good Luck)


Elephants "Feng-Shui" (Good Luck)

Geometric art is gaining many integers in the world of decoration. Limited edition products of the highest quality are still priced more on the international market.

This collection of elephant couple keep a secret:
Did you know that in feng-shui, an elephant statue with its trunk in the air, placed southwest of your house, will bring you luck and protection?
Another symbol says that an elephant with its trunk down, arranged in your room, is a stimulant of fertility in your relationship.

Big elephant: 28 cm (length), 15 cm (height), 9 cm (width)
Little elephant: 22 cm (length), 13 cm (height), 8 cm (width)
Total weight: about 2kg

Material: Natural Resin, hand painted.

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