La Perla Tableware 4 Sets (18PCs)


The high quality dishes designed in ceramics emanates a discreet luxury. From the ceramic composition to the color palette dull of oatmeal and the subtle asymmetric edges of each dish and bowl: quality craft is tangible. Material and technology: This elegant game is made of stoneware with reactive enamel.

Reactive enamel technology is to combine several colors inside the enamel and react together to create elegant and beautiful colors and finishes.

Due to the reactive nature of the enamel, each piece is unique. This product is high temperature ceramics that is durable, suitable for microwave, dishwasher and splinters.

The reactive enamel has a special design with natural organic tones that create personal elegance to this dishes. Gres makes these games difficult to scratch and break.

This dishes is designed to withstand daily use, if desired.

Material: Ceramic
Products: Rice Bowl (4PCs), Noodle Bowl (2PCs), Deep Plate (2PCs), Plate 27,5cm (2PCs), Plate 22,5cm (4PCs), Dish 16cm (4PCs).



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