Portable Electric Water Dispenser Automatic


Portable electric water dispenser with automatic water pump with touch USB switch charging.


1. Two modes: one button water outlet, 600ml quantitative water outlet.

2. The novel carafe water pump solves the space occupancy, scale and related problems of the traditional plug-in water pump.

3. 1200mAh large capacity lithium battery, fully charged, can continuously pump about 8-10 bottles.

4. Strong pump design, faster and more powerful water flow.

5. Portable water tap, food grade silicone hose, food grade water inlet ABS interface, durable, hygienic and durable.

6. Small size, wireless control, suitable for all kinds of situations, saving space, very suitable for daily use at home, office, etc.


  • Material: ABS body, stainless steel
  • Product size: 150 * 135mm / 5.9 * 5.31 ''
  • Water pipe length: 53cm / 20.86 ''
  • Rated voltage: 3.7V
  • Battery capacity: 1200mAh
  • Charging mode: USB charging
  • Output speed: 3l / min
  • Function: one button water outlet, 600ml quantitative water outlet.

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